Brake Services: When to Schedule at Our Boonsboro Center

Brake services shouldn’t be confusing — but they can be. Some manufacturers say to schedule a brake pad replacement every 20,000 miles, while others say 60,000 miles. Even if you follow your owner’s manual’s instructions, you still might find yourself calling Alta Mere® Milex® of Boonsboro for a brake services appointment earlier than expected.

Wondering how often you need brake work done on your car? Here’s an easy tip from the brake services team at Alta Mere Milex of Boonsboro to help you know when to schedule an appointment at our service center.

Mileage Won’t Tell You When You Need Brake Services

Like other parts of your vehicle, your brakes need routine maintenance. This includes fluid changes, rotor-machine polishing, and — most crucially — brake pad replacements. But mileage can be an unreliable indicator for when your brakes need to get their pads replaced.

The biggest reason for this? Brake pads wear down faster in some driving conditions compared to others. Different drivers also have different habits, and some of those habits make brake pads wear down much more quickly.

Brake Services

Here are seven factors that accelerate wear on your brake pads:

  1. Stop-and-go traffic
  2. Urban driving
  3. Hilly roads
  4. Curved roads
  5. Riding the brakes
  6. Sudden stops
  7. Using too much pressure

So, if you live just outside Boonsboro, avoid hilly areas, and do most of your driving along backroads, then your car won’t need replacement brake services that often. But if you live in Middletown, use I-270 for your commute, and have a habit of slamming the brakes, then your brakes will need replacing more frequently.

With all of these factors, it can make it difficult to get a strong sense of when to expect a brake pad replacement. But there’s an easy solution…

Have Your Brakes Inspected Regularly

The best — and easiest way — to know when you need your brake pads replaces is to have your brakes inspected every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. The brake services experts at Alta Mere Milex of Boonsboro will be happy to make this possible.

Routine brake inspections will save you from trying to guesstimate your brake pads’ lifespan. After an inspection, the brake services team Alta Mere Milex of Boonsboro will be able to tell you how quickly your brakes are wearing down and when to expect a replacement. We’ll also let you know if you need other brake services, like a brake fluid change, or a repair to another part.

The best part? Brake service inspections are a standard part of oil changes and tune-ups at Alta Mere Milex of Boonsboro. There isn’t an easier way for drivers from Boonsboro, Hagerstown, Middletown, Fairplay, and Mapleville to keep track of their brakes’ condition.

Learn more about our brake services and schedule a drop-off for your vehicle by calling Alta Mere Milex of Boonsboro today!


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